About Me

                                     C.E.O  Ritika Gorani 
                                 Exhibition painting artist

There's nothing much more interesting than being an artist; an artist who can paint, sketch and draw exactly what he/she can fantasize about. I was born with the traits of artistic skills; puking colors and creativity, metaphorically. But just an year ago I was so much fascinated by the idea of painting the issues of the world through my perspective. I basically work from my hometown Indore, Madhya Pradesh, India. My work is based on acrylic paintings, oil paintings, pencil sketching, watercolor and poster color painting themes.  
                                             At such a tender age of 17, I am passionate towards my profession and a profound work. I solemnly work for social issues. I would like to reach out to the society through an artistic effort and would also like to help individuals in knowing the world better through my creative paintings. A warm and hearty welcome to my kingdom of blissful hues and creative paintings. 

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